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Kevin Carroll

16 Wildfell Road

Acocks Green


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Tues-Fri between 18.30-20.30 Only

Do not call during the day i am at work and will not answer.



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CWYFL Referee website for 2019-20

Area Location Sheet

Please note that all Referees officiating in all forms of Youth Football must have CRC clearance. Please contact the Local County FA to discuss this further they will advise what to do.

Please be aware that we have a shortgae of Referees, I allocate the Referees to games based on the information they supply to me if they inform you they are not availiable you will need to source you own out as i do not have any spare

Cwyfl 2019-2020 Ref Application Form Temporary-Dismissals---Caution-Scenarios Law Changes 2019-20

The allocations for the Sunday 22nd  September are now on the website